Collective Settlement, Fall Festival 2014, by Ian Douglas


Fall Festival 2016: Unthreading the Filter

November 28 – December 4, 2016


The Movement Research Festival Fall 2016: Unthreading the Filter, is curated by Carolyn Hall, Omagbitse Omagbemi and Kayvon Pourazar, and will feature acclaimed experimentalists, highlighting and juxtaposing their varied investigations into the artistic currents of dance and performance. The Festival will also include additional events during the week of November 28 – December 4, as well as workshops taught by Festival artists. 

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unthreading the filter

be present in the physical space, the room you are in
the connection or relationship with the people in the room
learning how to be in the body every time you enter the space
learning the steps, moves, motion, articulation
listening to the rhythm of yourself and others
comparing oneself to others
the relationship with the people you are in the room with CHANGES
emotions flow like crazy
talking to yourself in not the most helpful way
realizing you don't know (shit) anything
why am I here?
SIT Breathe
your history and experience…unfold and present
why am I here...
because... YOU ARE
Start over
everything changes ALWAYS
be Honest and Genuine with whatever comes up, and It will all come up
reconnect, be who you are fully
no apologies
space, expansion, be in your life
you can and always start over
holding everything with an open palm
right before I step on stage I say to myself "Get out of the fucking way"
meaning, just move, and be in your life without all the extra shit
let your genuine being show without the limits, labels, and baggage
be open to not knowing and move without fear
move like no one and everyone is watching

– Omagbitse Omagbemi, Co-Curator Fall Festival 2016