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PAST workshop

Feeling One Self - a relational practice

Melanie Maar

12:00pm – 2:00pm
Sundays & Thursdays, October 12, 2017
  • $15/day, $75 full workshop
  • Registration coming soon!

What arises from relating through touch when its explored within an artistic, movement-oriented context that is freed from healing intentions, sexual interaction and from a particular knowledge aesthetic? What individual and collective realities and relatings are experienced in an environment where expertise can become relative?

We will play with listening to and following the presence of the ‘mind of the touch’ itself. Touch as a sense not always in relationship to hands, or another person, but also in relation to oneself, to space, to vibration, to matter and to psyche.

Methods we use are informed by other dance artists, Chi Kung, sounding and somatic practices, touch work with elders and by improvisational ways of approaching movement. 

We pay attention and respect to the boundaries, intimacies and riskings that arise. 
In each class there will be touching, movement and reflection.

My intention is to create a studio environment where relating in mutual, specific and ambiguous ways can be practiced, questioned and 
enjoyed by the people present.

This workshop is for all artists and touch workers who are into not knowing and have experience with movement awareness.

October 12-29
THU SUN 12-2pm 
[email protected] Arts Center G05
$15/day, $75 full workshop



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