photo By William Glasspiegel

11:00am – 1:00pm
Saturdays, March 4, 2017
$12 / $14

Classes are $14 each. Discount available with class card purchase.

Eden's Expressway

537 Broadway 4th Fl New York, NY 10012

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Spring St.
Prince St.

  • No Class March 11.
  • Johanna S. Meyer teaches March 18 & 25.
  • Bradley Teal Ellis teaches April 8, May 6-June 10

Class combines skills and applications of Body-Mind Centering® systems and patterns of development and evolution, practices of Contact Improvisation, and tunings of somatic approaches within solo, duet (strong emphasis on partnering) and ensemble dancing. I am interested in the very physical, sensorial and imaginative, and in discovering new challenges and risks within our movement – of both body and mind – towards improvisational and compositional processes.

Bradley Teal Ellis teaches The Athletics of Intimacy on April 8, May 6-June 10.

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