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[Virtual] Pilates Mat Class for Dancers

Johanna S. Meyer

9:00am – 10:00am
Tuesdays, September 8, 2020
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Movement Research is excited to offer this class online via Zoom. Registration is required for MR online classes. Once you register, you'll receive a link in the inbox of the email you registered with to join the session. You must register separately for each occurrence of this class.

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About this class:

Johanna’s teaching incorporates her work in dance, somatic practices, and strength training, combining classical and other styles of Pilates. She uses these approaches as tools to work with a wide range of bodies from dancers to people recovering from injuries. The class incorporates Therabands, rollers, and fitness balls if the students have access to them, but can follow along without. She works from micro to macro movements helping clients to experience the anatomy of joint release.

Movement Research Zoom Etiquette:

Since many of us are new to taking class on Zoom, MR has compiled some etiquette guidelines to ensure that everyone’s time in class is full and respected.

  1. We ask that you "mute" yourself at all times, unless Faculty has asked you to verbally participate.
  2. If you’re dropping in to see how this class might suit you, please keep your video off. Send a message to let your instructor know ("Chat" > "Chat with Host"). It can be disorienting for both your instructor and fellow participants to see a video in which someone is inattentive or not participating.
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Thank you! We hope you enjoy class!

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Johanna S. Meyer is a Pilates teacher, choreographer and dancer. She has performed and made work since the 1990s in New York City and recently graduated with an MFA in Dance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She taught Pila...