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October 6
What Iíve Learned about Choreography
with panelists Layla Childs, Tere OíConnor, Melinda Ring, Sonya Robbins and Larissa Velez-Jackson
Conceived by Melinda Ring

Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 6:15 pm
890 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

What I’ve Learned about Choreography from Watching Movies, Films (and TV) How do the things we watch inform our dance making? What have our (guilty) pleasures, high and low, taught us about form, timing, structure, etc? Does our connection to TV, film and movies keep us attuned to this moment’s mind-image zeitgeist, and conversely, does a lack of attention to these mediums create a gap in relevance of this art form to contemporary culture? Panelists will discuss their perspective on these questions followed by a group conversation with everyone present.

November 3
what we talk about when we talk about somatics
With Justine Lynch, Antonio Ramos, Shelley Senter and RoseAnne Spradlin

Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 6:15 pm
890 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

what we talk about when we talk about somatics: a sharing of practices leading into conversation What does the term “somatics” even mean? Can we arrive at consensus around this as an idea, a value, a practice? This event will bring together artists/practitioners of various backgrounds and areas of study to lead the group in experiential practices which will evolve into a collective discussion on the term “somatics” and the impact and resonance of this way of learning and being in the world.

December 1
Movement Research Festival Fall 2015 Studies Proje
Festival curated by Beth Gill and Cori Olinghouse.

Gibney Dance at 890 Broadway, 6:15 pm
890 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Topic TBA, check website for details.

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